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What type of clothes did the
civic guards wear in the
Golden Century?
What is
What are
vanitas symbols?

Viewing art is a relaxing exertion...

In this process, emotions play a major role. A sculpture, a painting or an etching may either be an exquisite sight or it may evoke instant revulsion, instead. In the instance of ‘love at first sight’ we often desire to learn more about the work of art and its creator. But even art that initially strikes us as less interesting may yet stir our enthusiasm on closer examination.

MuseumClub helps you to view art in a different manner, and thus enjoy it.

Luitgard Maassen, MuseumClub


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Luitgard Maassen

Luitgard Maassen is the guide-lecturer of MuseumClub.

She studied art and design at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem and the University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg.

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